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Our services are tailored to fit your company

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-Cloud Bookkeeping

Welcome to the new era of bookkeeping.

Leaving behind the hours of data entry and filing cabinets full of paper.


Barney Bookkeeping makes managing your paperwork easy!


Take a picture of your receipt with your phone, send it by email or have one of our Scan Snap scanners hooked up direct.

Quickbooks Online

We are Certified Advanced Proadvisors with Quickbooks Online. We recommend it because it is easy for you the business owner to understand. Bookkeeping is not as simple as it looks and many things happen behind the scenes when using Quickbooks. As Proadvisors we understand those processes.

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As a WayPay partner, we can offer discounted rates to our clients.

Never Write Another Cheque— but still have the option to approve all payments. WayPay will move all of your suppliers to accepting electronic forms of payment.

Ask us about this bill payment service.


Hubdoc - Online Filing Cabinet

Hubdoc makes bookkeeping easy. It auto-fetches key financial docs, seamlessly syncs them with your accounting & helps audit-proof your business. With Hubdoc, say goodbye to chasing documents and data entry and say hello to increased productivity and automation.

All Barney Bookkeeping packages come with your own Hubdoc account.

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TSheets - Time Tracking

We implement different options for time tracking including using a simple spreadsheet but if you have a crew on the road you may be interested in GPS tracking. With TSheets your employees can get reminders on their phone to clock in and out on each job site.

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Payworks - Payroll

As a partner with Payworks, we can manage payroll for clients from a single location to multiple locations. Keeping your business compliant with all federal and provincial legislation.

All Employees can be paid by direct deposit and Payworks' mobile-optimized Employee Self Service tool is conveniently accessed on the go from any web-enabled device, from smartphone to desktop, without the need for a separate app.

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