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Cloud Accounting Setup

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Our cloud setup service will help you in the following ways

We will analyze your specific needs and help you select the best solution

There is a multitude of Cloud Accounting solutions. They are all different. Some are better than others. Some suit different types of business. Getting the wrong solution will cause you a big headache. And assessing all of the options is time-consuming. We will analyze your business and recommend the cloud software solution that best meets your needs. This will save you time and help avoid the headaches of having the wrong solution.

We’ll set up your company information in the new system

Setting up a business on any Cloud Accounting software is tedious and time-consuming and if done incorrectly can cause a ton of headaches down the road. We will set up your taxes so that you properly show your numbers in all the right places. We will do the setup for you, which will save you time so you can get on with running your business. You can be sure that everything is set up right the first time. This will also make sure that your online submissions contain the correct information for the CRA and provincial tax authorities.

Setting up your chart of accounts

If this is the first time you have set up an accounting system, you will need a chart of accounts. Every business is different, with different types of sales, income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. The chart of accounts is your list of sales types, different income sources, expenses, assets, and liabilities. It’s unique to you. Setting this up correctly at the outset will save so much time and make it much easier to post your transactions to the right place. It will also make your finances more meaningful, so you will be able to make much better business decisions. Of course, you may already have a computerized accounting system with your own unique ‘chart of accounts. And if that’s the case, we will convert that into the new system for you and we will analyze your chart of accounts and discuss the benefits of refining this to enable clearer business information and better reporting.

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