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Practical Tips

Sometimes you just need a little more information

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What is Cloud Accounting?

Cloud accounting is accounting done over the internet, we explain the benefits here

The "Paper" behind the paperwork!

A slideshow that helps the first time business owner understand a little better what is expected of them by the Canada Revenue Agency. Click here.

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Penny is the youngest member of our team. She is learning the business and sharing her newfound knowledge on social media. Penny's focus is helping those in small businesses.


You can follow her posts on Facebook and Instagram


Check out all Penny's blog posts in her Facebook group Penny's Watch

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In loving memory of Sheldon who was the face of Sheldon's Tax Tips

October 23, 2014, to February 11, 2019 - From Puppy to Tax Specialist

Please take some time and read Sheldon's blog, he had some great advice.

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