ROE Guidance: Service Canada

How to issue an ROE during COVID-19

If possible you should issue ROE's electronically this ensures faster processing. You can sign up to do that here


ROE Guidance: Service Canada

When employees are directly affected by COVID-19 and are not working, an ROE must be issued. For Box 16 - Reason for Separation, please use the following codes but do not include comments:

Employee is sick or quarantined: Code D (Illness or Injury).

Employee stops working due to shortage of work or shutdown due to COVID-19 – Code A (Shortage of Work).

Employee is not sick or quarantined but not working due to other reasons related to COVID-19 – Code E (Quit) or Code N (Leave of Absence).

NOTE: Add comments only when required. Doing so causes the ROE to be pulled from the automatic processing queue for review by an agent, slowing down the process.

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What is a Record of Employment (ROE)

For more information about ROE's and what they are used for you can check out Service Canada website.