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ROE Guidance:
Service Canada

How to issue an ROE during COVID-19

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If possible you should issue ROE's electronically this ensures faster processing. You can sign up to do that here

For more information about ROE's and what they are used for you can check out Service Canada website.


ROE Guidance: Service Canada

When employees are directly affected by COVID-19 and are not working, an ROE must be issued. For Box 16 - Reason for Separation, please use the following codes but do not include comments:

The employee is sick or quarantined: Code D (Illness or Injury).

Employee stops working due to shortage of work or shutdown due to COVID-19 – Code A (Shortage of Work).

The employee is not sick or quarantined but not working due to other reasons related to COVID-19 – Code E (Quit) or Code N (Leave of Absence).


NOTE: Add comments only when required. Doing so causes the ROE to be pulled from the automatic processing queue for review by an agent, slowing down the process.

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