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Your integrated financial
accounting system

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Running a business is full of complexity and technology is moving at a frightening pace

There are integrated solutions to help you solve these problems. Solutions such as:

  • Billing and invoicing

  • Commission management

  • Contact management, CRM and marketing

  • Document and expense management

  • eCommerce and point of sale solutions

  • Estimating and quoting

  • Field service and project management

  • Inventory and WIP management

  • Payment and receipt processing

  • Reporting

  • Time tracking and human resources

The trouble is there are over 1,000 cloud software applications which integrate with cloud accounting systems. Perhaps not quite as many as the millions of apps for the iPhone, but with over 1,000 (and new ones appearing every month) it’s overwhelming.

Your time is precious. It can take up to 10 hours to install a software application, integrate it into your cloud accounting software, go through the training materials and learn how to use it.

For a business owners who value their time at $200 per hour, this is $2,000 of opportunity cost (the amount you can earn if you don’t have to do this) for each software application. Implementing the 5 most common applications for billing and invoicing, document and expense management, inventory management, cash collection, and time recording could soon add up to $10,000 of your time. 


Do you really want to spend $10,000 worth of your time setting this all up yourself?

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