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Linda Barney, CPB

Linda is our top dog and a professional bookkeeper with many years of experience specializing in cloud technology, implementation and hands-on training. Over the years Linda has been responsible for many different aspects of multiple client businesses including but not limited to CRA compliance, Provincial Tax and Payroll in the Provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Linda’s vast knowledge of different provincial requirements can help offer strategic advice and support to implement and maintain regulatory compliance. This way no one is stuck chasing their own tails. She is a trusted advisor and team member.  Linda works with business owners who want to grow their businesses and spend less time on bookkeeping and compliance. Relationships are important in this industry and Linda places a high value on trust and communication with clients. After all, they say the watchdog is man's best friend!

Cam Robinson.jpeg

Cam Robinson

Cam is a senior bookkeeper and a Certified Advanced Proadvisor with a proven ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines. She’s not the type to tuck her tail between her legs and give up, instead she strives for excellence. Cam heads up our satellite office in beautiful Port Dover. She has many years experience working with payroll, accounts receivable and account payable. Cam takes pride in fetching the right documents and a job well done for her clients. Cam enjoys relaxing by doing yoga, growing her own vegetables and getting deep into a crime book, but on days off you can find this watchdog out in nature and exploring through the dog park.


Brie Hajny

Brie graduated as a Business Administrator, specializing in Accounting and Payroll, and is QBO Advanced Proadvisor Certified. This watchdog is always on her toes as she strives to complete even the most tedious of tasks to feel the accomplishments of her clients. Always ready to learn new tricks and is more than happy to share her treats with others to open up more opportunities.  Brie is keeping a close watch from the Hamilton area, where she enjoys exploring. Instead of spending her free time chewing on bones, Brie connects with her creative side and spends time with family and friends.

Hannah McAulay.jpeg

Hannah McAulay

Hannah is quite the watchdog with an excellent eye for detail. Hannah is located in the backyard of Brantford. Her background in the financial services industry includes insurance and she is accustomed to advising clients in regards to all possible futures. Hannah is also working towards her designation to advise you on all tax-related matters. Even though Hannah is more of a cat person, so you won’t find her chasing her own tail, she is one to take charge and control of any situation thrown her way. After work, instead of spending her time at the dog park, Hannah enjoys exploring new worlds with her husband and friends.

Connery Barney.jpeg

Connery Barney

Connery is our in house software developer and systems administrator. He works like a dog to keep things running behind the kennel. Connery knows many languages, Javascript, C++, HTML and Actionscript to name a few. During Connery's downtime he bargains for special abilities to detect and wield magic and keeps his fellow adventurers healthy.