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The Process

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How much will it cost?

This is a good question but your business is different from others and you may not want the same services. We do not charge hourly rates we offer you a fixed fee package based on your business needs.

If your car was damaged. You wouldn't expect your to get a price over the phone. The shop would need to look at it before they give you a quote.

We design a quote around the services your unique business needs and offer you options so that you can stay on budget.

Fixed Monthly Fee

We give a fixed price (based on your particular circumstances and what you want). That way you can budget and plan. You know with certainty what it is going to cost every month. And if we are slow and the work takes longer, that’s our problem, not yours.
What we do is give you a choice of different packages, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs and each of those packages can be further tailored, so you get exactly what you want.

The Process

Step 1 - Discovery Session

This is a brief Zoom meeting to find out more about you your business. The things you need help with and to answer your questions about what we do.

Step 2 - Diagnostic File Review

We will review your current books to create a customized proposal designed around your business and the services you require.
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